UK Welcomes More New Zealanders

William Hague, British Foreign Secretary is all optimistic about having more Kiwis in his country as new immigrants. He is seeing the inflow of more number of people from New Zealand coming to the UK in the coming future and gain an overseas experience. In addition, he didn’t see any chances of these numbers being affected, courtesy the amendments in the immigration regulations.

During his visit to Auckland, he stated that the approach on immigration needs to be rigid, yet fair, but the new amendments won’t have any affect on the figure of Kiwi immigrants coming in the United Kingdom and he would be worried if any affect is seen.

Hague along with Liam Fox, (Defence Secretary) marked a visit to congregate with their counterparts Murray McCully (Foreign Minister) and Wayne Mapp (Defence Minister). Hague went on to say that there are various routes to enter UK for the Kiwis. Some of them include the Tier 2 route for skilled workers who already have job offers in hand as well as the UK ancestry visa. Hence, the country is looking forward to have a large flow of good immigrants from the land of Kiwis, and this flow is vital in both the directions in order to have a blissful mutual relationship between UK and New Zealand.

It is an amazing fact to know that it was about thirty annums since a defence secretary and a foreign secretary from the UK have landed in the territory of Kiwis, Hague further added

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