New Zealand is Favorite Amongst Indians!

There is no doubt that New Zealand is fast evolving as a popular destination among world immigrants. It was just overwhelming to learn that Indians are the fast growing community in the Kiwi land. Reports say that people from India are steadily growing in the country during the past 3 years.

Over the last couple of years, New Zealand continued to attract Indian migrants, whereas the global financial meltdown has made many popular nations to lose on foreign migrants coming in. But, the figures for New Zealand were very satisfying. The country allowed about 73,400 foreign pupils in the fiscal year 2009-10. It is noteworthy that the education industry contributes more than 2.3 billion Dollars each year to the Kiwi economy.

Each year, Indian students constitute the largest group of international students in New Zealand. And amongst Indians, students from Punjab and Gujarat form the majority of the people seeking New Zealand student visas. New Zealand’s appeal is not confined to students only. Apart from students, other Indian migrants are equally interested in immigrating to the Kiwi country.

There are certain reasons as to why New Zealand has emerged as a favored destination for immigrants from various corners. Fore mostly, the country is the best bet on the safety factor. Besides, opportunities in respect of employment as well as business are abound. These are the toppings on the natural beauty of the country.

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