Ontario Asks for Liberty to Attract Skilled People!

The Canadian province, Ontario may soon have a more accommodating immigration program which would cater to the province’s requirements of skilled people. Ontario has always been the most favored immigration destination in Canada, attracting the highest number of newcomers each year. However, economic-class workers constitute a very less percent of the total arrivals.

Ontario is Canada’s most populous province, thanks to the huge flow of migrants that comes in each year. But, the federal government’s predominance has put the province at a very disadvantageous state. Ontario’s Premier Dalton McGuinty recently said that the province is not in a position like British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba to whom federal government has given comparatively greater power and control to administer and monitor their respective immigration programs and choose immigrants to become permanent residents.

Ontario also used to have fair share of skilled worker immigrants, but the trend started to discontinue once the Conservative government forced new immigration policies. They started to lose on highly skilled workers. But, of late the province is asking the federal government to let the province to have the liberty to select skilled and talented newcomers. It also seeks to have the freedom to design various settlement and language training programs for immigrants which could help them integrate into the Canadian society more easily.

If the proposal gets approved by the federal government, overseas skilled workers would surely be in pleasant treat. The province is already a magnet for migrants of various classes, but with a skill-oriented immigration program it would become a paradise for overseas skilled workers.

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