Three Top Immigration Places for EU and Non-EU Migrants!

Canada, New Zealand and Australia ranked among the top three popular immigration nations of the world. All these three nations have been voted as the preferred migration choices of the EU as well as Non-EU migrants.

Canada immigration topped the table all because of the best quality of life and stable financial system. The peaceful environment of the nation as well as the friendly living environment offered by the government and society of Canada for diverse ethnics makes it best place to route our immigration dream. Natural diversity and healthcare system of Canada are the inviting factors for worldwide immigrants. British migrants love to migrate to Canada as around 600,000 migrants from UK have settled in the country.

Standard working conditions, excellent fiscal security and peaceful living environment all these attributes make Canada immigration mostly aspired by global migrants. The beautiful Mountains, universal healthcare system, least crime rate, better governance, international cooperation and well reputation on international front adds to its popularity as global migration hub.

Just look out these facts and you will too stat dreaming of Canada migration. The average life expectancy of Canada is the highest with 80.8 years which is a clear reflection of healthy and natural living atmosphere of this country. The literacy rate of Canada is around 97 percent exhibiting the standard education system and social awareness towards education. All these facts are more than enough not just to satisfy but make them crave for Canada migration to avail all these living basics.

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