New Zealand Immigration Act Emphasizes on Sponsors!

As per the amendments bring on to the New Zealand immigration law, from now if a New Zealander wants to sponsor his visitors he is likely to face more risks, as well as he/she will be entitled to more responsibilities. Let’s have a look at some of the amendments made to the law.

From November onwards, people living in New Zealand who sponsor temporary visitors or migrants will be responsible for all the costs, apart from the latter’s accommodation and food. The costs include medical, any other government expense, as well as deportation. With all the amendments to the new Act is replacing the Immigration Act of New Zealand, 1987 on November 29, 2010.

As per the law, the sponsors would be responsible for the payment of services used by their visitors, if the visitors did not or could not do the same. In other words, if a visitor leaves New Zealand without paying for the expenses they utilized in New Zealand, his/her sponsor in the country is entitled to pay the amount. Moreover, the same sponsor will not be permitted to sponsor another visitor in the future until the full debt on the part of his earlier visitor was repaid. This is one of the significant changes brought about to the New Zealand Immigration Act.

Apart from this, the new immigration alterations will also let organizations, as well as government agencies of New Zealand to sponsor foreign individuals. In this case, sponsors, such the organizations are liable to all the maintenance, as well as accommodation support of the people they are sponsoring. They are not allowed to back out from their sponsorship while their visitors are still in New Zealand. Besides, the new legislation includes changes like relaxing rules on schools enrolling children of illegal foreign nationals in New Zealand.

Here are the changes to the New Zealand Immigration act at a glance:

  • Sponsors of foreign nationals will be accountable for all expenses, which include medical, as well as deportation.
  • No prosecution against New Zealand schools that enroll children of illegal foreign nationals in the country.
  • Permits and Exemptions will no longer be issued, only visas will be in place!

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