Opportunities for Architects in Canada!


Canadian employers have high demand for architects as plenty of Canadian employers have high demand for architects in the nation. Therefore architects all over the globe who are intending to have a wonderful future can look Canada as an option to work and have an amazing future in the country.

First of all, it is mandatory for architects working in countries like India (for instance) to know that a prosperous and ace future lies in front of them if they will consider working in a country like Canada. The kind of working conditions and salaries they get in their home country are far better than their home country. So, when the same amount of work gives you more salary, why not IMMIGRATE!

Salaries of Architects in Canada

One thing is for sure that the salary count is much higher than what you may get in your home country. As far as the salaries are concerned, different people get salaries in accordance with different experience and qualification that they have.

Statistics say that a senior project architect in Vancouver should top $100k. And the chances are that the amount of salary is likely to get higher if you are working with a larger company. As far as the interns are concerned, they also manage to make about 45-55k, a salary which can rise till $60-80k, depending upon the firm.

Qualifying Criteria

It is mandatory for the applicant to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from some recognized institution of architecture. In addition to that, it is essential to have cleared the examination for architect registration.

It is essential for the applicant to have decked with an experience of at least one year in the related field.

As far as the overall experience is concerned, a person must have experience of around 2-4 years.

Other factors also play a critical role. These are marital status and proficiency in the English language.

Scope of Architects

The industry is going miles and there is no denying to this fact that the scope is vast, not only in Canada, but in other countries too. And with an economy like Canada, a wonderful pay scale is decked with amazing state of the art facilities and working conditions that there is nothing left that one can ask for.

How to Move to Canada to Live and Work as an Architect

Here are the steps you can take to relocate to Canada and work as an architect.

Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility for Immigration

The most straightforward method is to use our free visa assessment. There are over 80 visa options for Canada. We will be able to advise you on the best path for your specific circumstances once you have completed your visa assessment.

Step 2: Obtain Accreditation for Your Qualifications in Canada

To be able to live and work in Canada as an architect, you must have your qualifications earned outside of Canada accredited and recognized in Canada.

An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) certifies that your degree, diploma, or certificate is valid and meets Canadian standards. This is crucial as it will allow you to claim the Permanent Residency points for your education and training and can also be necessary for employment, professional registration within Canada and Canadian immigration services.

Here’s a Canada NOC list of organizations that have been given permission to do your assessment:

• Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto;
• International Credential Assessment Service of Canada;
• World Education Services;
• International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS); and
• International Credential Evaluation Service.

Educational and experience requirements for Architects include:

• A bachelor’s degree from a recognized school of architecture or completion of the syllabus of study from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is required.
• A master’s degree in architecture may be necessary.
• In Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, registration is necessary with a regulating organization.
• In Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, urban and land use planners are regulated, and membership in a provincial planning institute may be required in other jurisdictions.
• Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation is offered by the Canada Green Building Council and may be required by some companies.

You may be expected to produce a range of evidence and references to establish your abilities and expertise during your review process for Canadian Immigration.

Step 3: Start for the Migration Process

There are various avenues you can follow when coming to Canada as an Architect but we’ve listed the top 4 approaches that will give you the greatest odds of success in the application process:

• Express Entry system
• Provincial Nominee Program
• The Rural and Northern Immigration Program
• The Atlantic Immigration Pilot

1. Express Entry

The Express Entry (EE) procedure is our first pick for relocating to Canada as an Architect. Not only is it the fastest way to get to Canada, but it is also one of the easiest. With the correct age, language skills in French and/or English, qualifications and other criteria you might be relocating to Canada fast, you could be on your way to Canada in 6 months.

The first stage in your Canadian Express Entry immigration process is to determine your Canada Immigration points for Express Entry utilizing the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Some of the elements that CRS Points are rewarded for include:

• Age
• Qualifications
• English ability
• French ability
• Your partner’s skills
• Work experience

Take our free online visa assessment for an up to date evaluation on whether you have enough points to migrate to Canada as an Architect from both an Express Entry and Immigration points standpoint.

2. Provincial Nominee Program

Through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), skilled and semi-skilled immigrants can come to Canada and live and work there. For most ways to move to Canada, you will need a real job offer for at least one year. Each of the 11 provinces and territories has its own PNP, and each one has different labor needs.

If your abilities match what your selected province or territory is seeking for, you may earn a provincial nomination, which is worth 600 extra Permanent Residency points which means that you’re essentially certain of an offer for Canadian permanent residency.

3. The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Seeing as Architects are in-demand you may be able to immigrate to Canada under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) (RNIP). There are 11 participant localities currently participating in the pilot program. You will require a genuine work offer in one of the participating towns to be considered qualified to apply for Canadian permanent residency through the RNIP.

4. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot allows intermediate to highly and semi-skilled foreign professionals to come to Canada’s Atlantic provinces and seeing that Architects are in great need in the 4 Atlantic provinces, you may be eligible to apply if you have a legitimate job offer for at least 1 year.

Step 4: Apply for a Canadian Architect Job

As a highly qualified worker, it is not a need that you have a job to be allowed to move to Canada but it will make it faster. It will help with the immigration procedure since you can get between 50 and 200 points in Canada PR System for a genuine employment offer. This advances you ahead in the pool of candidates, as the more points you have the more chance you have of earning an invitation in one of the many offer rounds issued inside the Canada Visa System.

Architects in Canada are described as accomplishing the following:

• Consult with clients to determine the kind style and purpose of renovations or new building construction being contemplated
• Conceptualize and design buildings and generate blueprints specifying design specifications building materials prices and construction schedules
• Prepare sketches and models for clients
• Prepare or manage the preparation of drawings specifications and other construction documents for use by contractors and tradespersons
• Prepare bidding documents participate in contract negotiations and award building contracts
• Monitor operations on building sites to ensure compliance with specifications
• Conduct feasibility assessments and financial analysis of building projects.
• Architects may specialize in a certain form of construction such as residential commercial industrial or institutional.

A Wonderful Future

You can rest ensure that a prosperous future is waiting for you and your family in Canada. Some of the best educational system and ace quality of life is geared with your entrance to a country like Canada.

Don’t think much, just immigrate to Canada!

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