New Zealand Immigration: Investor Category Visa

Want to immigrate to New Zealand under the Investor Category Visa? Before you set to apply for this category, you need to have a little knowledge about the same. Well, the Investor Category that came into effect in November 2007 allows migrants to enter New Zealand who have the ability to invest the country’s economy.

The Investor Category is further divided into three sub-categories. They are:

  • Global Investors: Global Investors category is for investors who would invest $20 million, with a minimum of $ 5 million in active investment. This is the top category amongst all the sub-categories that fall under the investment-based residence.
  • Professional Investors: Then comes the Professional Investors category, being issued to applicants with a minimum of $10 million investment. At least $2 million must be invested actively.
  • General Active Investors: The General Active Investors Visa is issued to applicants investing minimum of $2.5 million. Under this category, applicants are selected through a points system. Applicants are awarded with points on the basis of their potential contribution to New Zealand business. Factors like financial capital; human capital; technology transfer; the benefit that comes from active investment; the value of export linkages; management skills and entrepreneurship are taken into consideration while allocating the points.

On a year, New Zealand government allows only a maximum number of 1000 Visas under the Investor Category. Global and Professional Investors are given the priority and selected for the first places of the total 1000 Visas. Then the remaining places are allocated amongst the General Active Investors with the maximum points.

To know more about the New Zealand Investor Category, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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