Two Men Arrested for Attacking Cabbie!

Various cabbies have been assaulted in the last five days in Australia. This time, the culprits have not been spared by the Australian government. In a recent incident, both the convicts Robert Harvey, who is 25 years old, and Andrew Madden, who is 24 years old, have been arrested for assaulting an Indian taxi driver and produced in court.

The incident occurred recently on Friday when a 23-year old Indian cab driver picked the two passengers but was brutally attacked by them at the intersection of Sparks Rd and the Princes Highway. It has not been confirmed whether the attack was racial or not.

Corio Detective Senior Constable Ben Melis confirmed that the Indian cabbie picked the two passengers from a Plume St address in Norlane. Later, he was assaulted by the passengers, suffered bashing, but was treated by the medical assistants on the site.

Other passersby were quick enough to help the victim.  It may be a premeditated attack, performed for the motto of robbery, he further added.

A flurry of racial attacks has been occurring in Australia since last six months or so. Australian government has been showing ample support for the security of Indian students in Australia and has been quick enough in arresting the culprits in every possible way.  This time the convicts have been charged with robbery along with the assault related crimes.

Recently, Paul John Brogden, ( who too was charged of assaulting an Indian taxi driver, was jailed for three months for his crime, the next day after committing the sin.

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