Aussie Sentenced for Attacking the Indian Taxi Driver!

Paul John Brogden, 48, the drunken passenger, who was recently accused of attacking an Indian cab driver ( was sentenced to jail for 3 months. The victim, Satheesh Thatipamula, aged 24, was verbally and physically attacked by the passenger who damaged his cab as the victim escaped major injuries.

A police spokesman recalled the incident and stated that Brogden drank 24 VB stubbies after which he hired a cab at 2 am local time and went into an abusive mode fifteen minutes after hiring the cab. The victim, Satheesh Thatipamula, rushed to the local service station but was followed by Brogden to face more assaults.

Brogden’s lawyer, Philip Lynch, confirmed that an excessive consumption of alcohol left the passenger in no state to recall the events which occurred last night.

Magistrate Michelle Hodgson further said that she has to take into consideration “general deterrence,” while announcing a sentence of three months to the convict. She said that alcohol is real curse for fueling violence in the community.

Various people have offered different opinions on the incident. Reports say that Ballarat detectives believe that the attack on the cab driver has no “racial factor” linked with it. Gautam Gupta, Secretary of the Federation of Indian students in Australia, feels that he is anticipating that the government would take serious actions and act on the hate crime laws like the new Hate Crimes Act.

It is good to see the culprit getting punishment immediately after the incident occurred on the Australian streets!

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