UK Warns Fraud Visa Holders!

In an attempt to stop Illegal Immigration, the UK High Commission has warned fraud visa holders against submitting fake documents. Nicholas Westcott, who is the British High Commissioner to Ghana, stated that it’s a crime to submit fake documents and may provide enough reason to deny visas. Offenders would be prosecuted, as the penalties for producing fake documents by the culprits are getting severe day by day, he further added.

Stats say that the period between October and December of last year witnessed almost 349 cases of fraud documents as 243 out of them were arrested for supporting fake documents in their Immigration application process.

Documentation forms one of the most vital aspects of any Immigration application process. President of Ghana, Atta Mills, said that it is not a crime to present wrong documents, but the matter can certainly be regarded as an act of indiscretion.

The High Commission cleared that providing legal documents and avoiding forgery could enable the applicants to enhance their chances of getting a visa rather than going for the wrong path of submitting fake documents.

Dr. Westcott elaborated that it’s the nature of people to travel from one part of the world to another, but the existence of borders have changed the way people travel! Due to this reason, every country is indulged in implementing strict regulations on people who migrate to their premises. UK is no exception, but its doors are open for genuine and legal visitors and offer no scope for people who indulge themselves in act of crime and terrorism.

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