New Zealand Immigration Staff Sacked!

The year 2010 saw the sacking of seven immigration staff members from the land of Kiwis. They have been charged of attempting serious misconduct. According to Immigration spokesperson Nigel Bickle, one worker holds his association from New Delhi and the test six are in New Zealand. The cases involved misconducts like hiding information in the immigration applications, in addition to misusing the information for personal use.

Bickle confirmed that cases of these sorts are simply not acceptable.  In addition, the cases need to be seen in the context that there are 1200 strong workforces in 30 locations all over the world.

Bickle went on to say that till date, 60 allegations are made on the staff in the past one year and so. The allegations are taken care of in a very serious manner. Most of them are questionable but where ever they are clear, decisive action would be taken against them. He also said that his staff is acquainted of the kind of standards expected from it and hence are doing their job in a committed manner.

Now Immigration New Zealand is worried over the fact that this new can shatter the trust of masses in the integrity of the service.

With such sorts of cases rising every year, prospective applicants are advised to take guidance from an experienced and legal Immigration expert.

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