New Zealand’s Points System relives Skilled Migrants, Shows Research

A reliable source has revealed that the Labor Department of New Zealand has recently done a research on the Points system of the nation for skilled migrants. The study has found that skilled category of this Kiwi Land is working pretty well, where 94% skilled immigrants got employment, earning $30 in an hour on average.

This particular study—the ‘Points of Difference’ was conducted with a purpose to indentify how effectively the skilled professionals integrated into the workforce of New Zealand by assessment of their points under various categories against their earnings.

In this connection, Vasantha Krishnan, Research Head of the Labour Department, was quoted as expressing that 94% immigrants who have received PR status in the country, got jobs with average earning of $30 per hour. In fact, immigrants with higher skills and educational qualifications are provided with considerably higher packages as these migrants have successfully managed to use their expertise and have contributed to the growth of the nation. For example: immigrants to the nation with a graduate degree are provided with a third over those skilled immigrants without post schooling qualifications.

However, skilled immigrants received points for an employment offer in New Zealand were also earning as much as skilled workers already working in the country while they submitted their applications for permanent residence.  Even without having New Zealand experience, immigrants with an employment offer could easily and successfully manage their work in the country.

Ms Krishnan further went on to added that this study has  found that New Zealand Skilled Migration program is working fine and have suggested certain minor amendments for further improvement of the policy, which include to simplify the questions asked to the candidates and well matching the points provided against possibility for future earnings of the immigrants. These research findings will be useful for future development of the policy.

She has also mentioned, this study has confirmed that the earlier research on skilled category had shown that skilled immigrants in the nation have achieved outstanding results.

New Zealand’s Skilled Migration Stream is designed to allow people to contribute to the economic growth of the nation and thus to obtain permanent residence of New Zealand, by providing points for manageable skills and factors of employability, such as: offers of employment, recognized work experience and qualifications regarding the needs of the labor market. However, the immigrants have to earn adequate points to qualify for NZ Permanent Residence.

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