Saskatchewan Seeks to Increase the Provincial Nominee Limits

Pursuant to a recent report, the Saskatchewan Government has requested to the Federal Government to provide them the right to increase the number of immigrants that the province is generally allowed to receive every year.

At present, annually the province can accept approximately 4,000 immigrants through the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program. Mr. Robert Norris, the Immigration Minister of Saskatchewan has advocated this cap to be increased to about 6,000 immigrants every year.

In this connection, Mr. Norris was quoted as saying that they wish to welcome 6, 000 overseas immigrants to its land, as the province is capable enough to handle these immigrants. He also expressed that currently there are over 11,000 jobs available in Saskatchewan with broad-based personnels needs.

Mr. Jason Kenney, the Citizenship and Immigration Minister of Canada, in this context has said that raising the cap limit will not take place until more amendments are implemented to bring the Provisional Nominee Programs in proportion to the Federal goals.

Mr. Kenney further went on to add that once there are some improvements implemented in the PNP along with some reformation to the federal programs, the Canadian Government will certainly look at potentiality for further raises to the allocation of provincial nominees.

However, irrespective of the present cap, the officials of Saskatchewan are looking forward to continuing to invite new immigrants to the province, who wish to migrate to Saskatchewan with the purpose of living and working here.

Mr. Norris has also explained that though challenges are there with the perspective of growth, yet the province is ready to welcome the challenges as well.

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