New Zealand Visa Options and Requirements

Every people have a common desire of living in a peaceful and pleasant place, which is why, a majority of people easily choose New Zealand while opting for the most suitable country to live. Frankly speaking, New Zealand actually deserves for getting such attention by people as it is highly touched with the nature and surrounded with high-hills, oceansĀ  and deep forests.

Such natural attractions make New Zealand a perfect place to get a wonderful experience of lavishing life and feel relived with greenery. If you are highly impressed with New Zealand’s beauty and its a well organized geography, its time for you to access the destination. The country offers residence options to foreigners by introducing several visa options that have been described below.

Skilled Migrant Category, it is introduced for those who easily meet some requirements like skills, experience and qualification, which the country needs. To apply for this program the applicants must meet the following requirements.

  1. Age must be 55 or below
  2. Good Health
  3. Good Character
  4. Language Proficiency

Residence from work, it is introduced as a great option for those who are already working in New Zealand, can apply for a residence visa. In order to qualify the program, you need to satisfy following requirements

  1. Age must be 55 or below
  2. Job offer from an accredited employer
  3. Must possess an exceptional talent in your own field and suitably qualify the position
  4. Must meet occupational registration criteria
  5. Must meet all the application requirements
  6. Must meet health criteria
  7. Must meet character requirement

Work to Residence, it is introduced as the most suitable option for those who possess skills in the occupation which has high demand in New Zealand. Besides, they must also have an employment offer and high skills, to apply this visa option.

  1. A valid passport with minimum 3 months validity
  2. Must possess good health and character
  3. Must be clear in working in the country
  4. Must have a right visa for entering the country

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