Steps to qualify Quebec Business Immigration Program

Although Quebec is a Canadian province, that doesn’t stop it to introduce its own immigration policy and tantalizing the sense of immigrants from across the world. Being a highly focused among number of categories, Quebec business immigration program provides an important pathway for entering Canada’s highly famous province and makes them eligible to enjoy lots of privileges.

In order to enter the province of Quebec, the applicants need to follow the following steps.

Obtaining and filling visa application, the applicants need to accomplish the first step of visa application by obtaining and filling the visa application form. They, however, need to be more careful while filling the form, which requires their personal information in details. It must be noted that an incomplete application can be a great cause of delay or rejection.

Assessment, the next step is widely recognized as an assessment of the application – the candidates applying under the self Employed worker or Entrepreneur, will be assessed by the Quebec Immigration office located in their native country, along with the documents. After an assessment, acknowledge-receipt is sent to the concerned applicants – also inform about the missing documents (if any) by mentioning the deadline.

The applicants are supposed to submit all the missing documents within the required time period, as the final review will be proceed after the submission of all documents. The applicants, on the contrary, applying under the investor program, need to follow the instruction regarding submission of Selection Certificate. In case of incomplete application form, the applicants form will be returned back to them along with the visa fee. If the application gets selected, the candidate is subjected to be invited by the Minister before application assessment.

Selection- interview, the step is meant to be completed by those applicants who successfully qualified the above steps – the detailed venue and schedule will be sent to the applicants in advance – so that they can access the venue conveniently. The ninety minute or couple of hours of interview is mainly conducted for an assessment of applicant’s language proficiency and how they possess knowledge of the province of Lithuania in terms of culture and economy.

Once you successfully crack the interview, you get full right to access the province of Quebec and will be able to fulfill your main purpose, what drove you to the province.

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