New Zealand Work Permit under SSE Category!

Seasonal Employment category of New Zealand is one of the popular visa classes among worldwide migrants to immigrate to the beautiful country of NZ, living and working there. New Zealand government offers and includes many occupations in seasonal employment list for easy immigration. The occupation list for seasonal employment in the viticulture and horticulture is described as planting, harvesting, maintaining and crops packing.

The horticulture and viticulture workers are eligible to work under Supplementary Seasonal Employment category. These employees, who are visiting New Zealand, provide additional support to the NZ workforce. SSE visa enables employers to hire skilled workers who are already in the country to carry out seasonal jobs. This work permit granted to the visiting candidate only if assured that there is non-availability of New Zealand citizen to fill the available positions.

To avail Supplementary Seasonal Employment class two applications are needed, one on behalf of proposed worker and one for the employer offering job. For a specified figure of workers as well as for a particular time span, an employer has to apply for the SSE approval in principle in order to employ the workers. Employers can offer jobs to SSE permit holders to accommodate the vacant positions after visa approval. Employers are obliged to employ specified number of workers as mentioned in the application.

Visa holders residing lawfully in the country can apply for work permits under SSE class. SSE work permits are valid for six months of time period. The employees must have to show genuine intention to work under SSE category for the approved employer. Visitors can utilize this seasonal employment opportunity provided by the New Zealand government to earn during their visit.

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