New Zealander Being Deported by Japan!

Recently, Japan deported an anti-whaling activist, who hails from New Zealand. The activist was convicted of multiple misconducts when he was trying to obstruct the Japanese whaling on the Antarctic Ocean, which the country carries out every year.

It was back in February this year, the New Zealander, Peter Bethune crawled a Japanese ship, which was taking part in the annual whaling trip to the Antarctic Ocean. He was then detained aboard the ship. After reaching Japan, the activist was being arrested. Last week, he was sentenced with 2 years imprisonment. But, later the verdict was suspended, instead he was being deported a couple of days ago back to his native land.

The activist is a member of the United States-based Sea Shepherd, a conservative organization which has been raising its voice against whaling trips to the Antarctic Ocean by Japanese. Reportedly, the whale hunts in the ocean which is conducted annually by Japan is part of a research program. However, the anti-whaling organization, as well as other critics have over the years claimed that these trips are for commercial purposes.

The deported activist was convicted of multiple misdoings and giving the whaling ship a hard time. In a trial in the month of June, Bethune apologized for his misconduct. But, in an earlier trial, he was caught saying that he was trying to communicate with the Captain of the Japanese ship which ruined his organizations’ boat over collision in January regarding the loss.

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