7216: Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades in Canada!

The new list of 29 occupations brought out by Citizenship and Immigration Canada has created a stir amongst people who were aspiring to migrate to Canada for permanent settlement. This is because now those who fall under the skilled workers category of Canada based on the above list would be given preference. The occupation of Contractors and Supervisors and Mechanic Trades has been included under the list of 29 occupations under which an applicant can apply for the immigration and permanent resident status in Canada under skilled worker category.

Qualifying Criteria

  • An applicant must have completed his education up to at least secondary school.
  • An applicant must have work experience of few years as a well qualified tradesperson in his field.
  • The certificate as a journeyman or woman trade is also required.

Duties and Responsibilities

Contractors and supervisors in this unit group are required to perform the following tasks:

  • They are responsible to do the supervision, co-ordination and preparing the schedule chart of work activities for the workers.
  • These workers mainly repair and maintain aircraft , railway locomotives and cars , construction and other heavy equipments, textile equipments , heating equipments and furnaces, industrial machinery, transformers and other electrical equipments , air –conditioning and refrigeration equipment , transformers and other electrical equipment , electrical appliances and other equipments such as snowmobiles, outboard motors and motorcycles.
  • They also make sure that work activities go according to the schedule and also co-ordinate the various work activities of one department with the other.
  • They place orders for the materials required and also do the supply work.
  • They resolve various issues in relation with work and workers problems to maintain the harmony within the team.
  • They also give various suggestions to improve the productivity of the team.
  • They also give training or make arrangements for the training of new employees.
  • They can recommend some person for work and can also refer some employee for promotion.
  • They ensure safety in the work place to prevent any accident to occur.
  • They prepare reports on production and other work related activities.
  • They also supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of helpers and laborers.

If your occupation falls in the category of contractors and supervisors or mechanic trader, fulfilling the above qualifying requirements and are capable of performing the necessary duties, then your chances of migration to Canada are high. To know more you can write to us at [email protected] for further information and professional help.

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