7241 Electricians (Except Industrial & Power System) in Canada!

The occupation of electricians minus those of the industry and power system is one of the jobs listed in the recently introduced list of 29 occupations brought out by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for the Federal Skilled Migrant program. With the rise in the demand for such electricians, more jobs have been arising in Canada in this particular category. For any individual intending to immigrate to Canada, it is not mandatory to find a job in prior. An applicant is permitted to search for a job once he lands in the nation.

Qualifying Criteria

  • The applicant must have completed a four or a five year program or should have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in a related subject.
  • An applicant must have the relevant work experience of at least one year.
  • Overall, a person must have experience of around 2-4 years; actual number of years of experience to apply under this occupation is dependent on many factors such as whether the applicant is married and his English language skills.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Installation of hangers and brackets for the electrical equipment support as well as replacement and repairing of electrical control and equipment for distribution and light fixtures.
  • Interpreting circuit diagrams, drawings and electrical code specifications for deciding on the layouts for wiring for fresh or current installations.
  • Conducting programs on preventive maintenance as well as keeping maintenance records.
  • Isolating faults and troubleshooting in electrical and electronic systems. Also, replacing or removing the components with faults.
  • Giving connection for electrical power to the audio and visual communication equipment, heating and cooling systems as well as devices for signaling.

However, there might be additional responsibilities which the electricians might be expected to perform. To know more about immigrant electricians in Canada as well as the process for Canadian immigration, write to us at [email protected].

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