Canadian Caps on Immigrants!

After United Kingdom, it is time for Canada to put limit on immigration numbers! Yes, Canada has decided to cap the number of immigrants that enter the country. The country’s immigration department is all set to consider only a total number of 20,000 immigration applications under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (pints-based). The cap will be reached for the year till June 2011.

While announcing the cap, the Canadian immigration minister said that the country hopes to recover the economy with the implementation of the change. The department is trying to adjust this year’s immigration plan in order to make the country’s economy recover.

Alongside, there are also changes to the Canadian favored skills list. As part of the changes, the immigration department has eliminated a few job titles from the list, including financial managers, mining engineers, university professors and occupational therapists. Some job titles have been included to the list. They are- architects, pharmacists, dentists and social workers. The limited number of applications that will be considered by Immigration Canada under this scheme is going to be 1000 for each occupation.

Apart from this, the immigration department has set stricter language requirements for new immigrants. People who are going to apply for a Canadian visa will be required to show the results of an English/French language test which they have taken up on their petition. This will facilitate the immigration officials to assess the true abilities of the applicants. Earlier, applicants applying for immigration to Canada were just required to provide the immigration department with a written submission, when it was found that some applicants used another person’s writing sample, making it harder for the authorities to determine the true language ability of the applicants. With the new language requirement, the immigration department hopes to attract the right candidates to the country.

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