US and Canadian Delegates Meet to Strengthen Ties!

Delegates from US and Canada met recently to discuss various issues pertaining to immigration to Canada, ways to speed up travel as well as commerce between US and Canada and border security. Apart from this, issues pertaining to visa and immigration for both US and Canada had been discussed earlier.

Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister for Canada and Janet Napolitano, Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security have also signed a Terms of Reference in order to validate the Visa Policy Working Group. This led to the institutionalization of this joint collaboration which caters to bilateral consultations and sharing of information regarding visas of both the nations, policies for screening as well as admissibility.

According to Mr. Kenney, the longstanding geographic, social as well as economic ties with the United States are the roots for strength for both the nations. By working together as well as catering to information, the various strategies to identifying as well as screening travelers could be redefined. This would help in speeding up the inflow of people who are crossing the borders legitimately. It would also protect them from those who intend to threaten the peace and prosperity of both the nations.

Apart from the above, the level of progress made since they had last met in May 2009 was also discussed. This helped them further identify the various opportunities for collaboration and information sharing especially in relation to areas pertaining to immigration, traveler identity verification process and refugee policies.

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