No Documents in Audits of Texas Companies!

The recent raids at workplaces where in about 23 Texas based firms were charged with cases of hiring illegal immigrants led to their recent audits. The Employers’ I-9 form which is an essential document is needed for all the workers (including both citizens as well as immigrants) for them to qualify to work in an organization.

According to the Director of ICE, John Morton told the Senate committee that putting a stop on the unauthorized labor is one of the main measures to stop illegal migration. He said this during his 2009 confirmation hearing. He further said that a decrease in illegal migration could only be maintained by putting an end to unauthorized labor. Here, it has to be seen that all the local employers are following the rules.

A Gonzales company, the Soncrest Egg Company was levied a fine of around $34,000 in May since the company failed to provide with I-9 forms for its employees. Similarly, Girard Sign Company in San Antonio was charged with a fine of $4,400.

If looked at the above, it could be clearly said that the government has increased its focus towards the local employers. At the same time, it has led to lower number of criminal prosecutions being carried out when compared to the last few years.

According to the ICE Spokesman, Richard Rocha, the main focus is now on the most flagrant of all the criminals. The results are clearly projecting the outcome of the efforts being out in.

However, according to the Executive Counsel of Americans for Immigration Reform (based in Houston), Beto Cardenas, the main effect of the audits which led to the termination of the workers from their jobs might lead to worse consequences.

Thus, it can be said that there is a mix of opinion. It is agreed that the effects could be dire on both sides with putting an end of illegal migration. But then there would be many who would be out of their source for income.

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