Ship Carrying Illegal Migrants Going to Canada, says Reports!

According to the Sri Lankan media, a ship of Tamil Tigers containing 300 migrants has been suspected to have left for Canada. The authorities at Canada are monitoring on the same for months now. As per the reports, the ship also has the leaders of the Tamil Tigers amongst the illegal immigrants. A warning was issued for the same ship in May by the coast guard at Philippines.

In June, the ship was suspects to be in the Gulf of Thailand and is moving towards Australia. The main concern here is that Australia has been quite aggressive in intercepting ships carrying asylum seekers from Sri Lanka.

Now, the reports suggest that the ship was roaming for a while before it set course towards Canada. According to the Press Secretary to Jason Kenney (Canadian Immigration Minister), Celyeste Power said that the Canadian government is devoted to calmping down on such illegal and fake refugees. At the same time, it would cater those who are actually in need with all the protection. She also said that the Immigration Department would be involved if the ship lands in Canada.

Incase, the ship does not land here, the issue would be taken over by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. This department would monitor all the activities pertaining to this issue.

It was also reported in the last month that spies from Canada are working along with Australian as well as Asian authorities to clamp down this ship’s progress. This is because if the ship lands in Canada, the process would be even more tedious as this would involve assessing the applications for asylum. This simply means a lengthier process.

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