No Passport Checks at Britain!

According to a media report that came this week, passengers going through passport checks at the Britain airport were left stunned as there was no one to check their passports!

The passengers from the Ryanair flight landed from Malaga, but the airport had no measures to perform security checks as not a single officer from the Border Agency was spotted. The reports have been confirmed by Daily Express.

What if some terrorist or people with undocumented status entered the premises? What if someone would have hijacked or entered the place with unwanted objects or objects of terrorism?

According to Bob Shepherd, who has been a regular visitor, said that the security levels had been farcical. He also confirmed that almost one hundred and eighty people entered England without showing their identity proof.

A spoke person from the airport department stated that the error was immediately acknowledged by the staff members as they made arrangements for the security checks and routine immigration process for these passengers. The blame went on in lack of communication which lead to this incident.

Incidents of such kinds are NOT acceptable. It becomes the sheer responsibility of the airline to take care of whether their staff is performing their duties in an apt manner or not. The same was spoken by a spokesperson from the UK Border Agency.

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