Non-licensed Immigration consultant fined in Canada

Non-licensed Immigration consultant fined in Canada

In a consumerist world, the importance of service providers has significantly increased over the years. Tons of service providers deliver a similar range of products and services that gave birth to the Market Competition. In this market phenomenon, we tend to question the aggressive nature and authenticity of the service. Similarly, a consumer will depend on the service providers/agents for their Canada Immigration process. However, finding a genuine consultant is like finding a needle in a haystack. More recently, there has been an unprecedented surge in immigration fraud around the world.

We will conduct a case study of the recent case of immigration fraudulency:

Recently, CBSA officials found a Calgary man guilty of providing services without an immigration license. Mr. Manjit Singh Piasa of Able Professional Services Ltd. got a charge of six counts of Immigration Fraud. He received 18 months’ probation sentence with a CAD 4,000 fine and more than CAD 6,000 as restitution. The investigation deduced that the accused was not a lawyer or licensed immigration consultant who cheated multiple other victims. Piasa and his firm defrauded around 150 victims between January 2011 and May 2019.

This case is just one out of thousands that go unnoticed by the mainstream media. In India alone, around 90% of the self-proclaimed immigration consultants misguide and cheat the Canada PR Visa aspirants by making false commitments.

How to prevent such immigration scams?

First and foremost, you must check the Immigration Consultant’s authenticity or the RCIC Agent you wish to associate. ICCRC has a dedicated portal to check the legitimacy of your RCIC agent. Furthermore, they have also released preventative measures to counter the fraudulent practices in Canada Immigration. These measures are:

  • Sign the agreement with a consultancy that has RCIC Agent Number
  • The agreement must be between the client and the Licensed Immigration agent (RCIC)
  • Sign Form 5476 with the RCIC agent
  • Choose a consultancy with RCIC Licensure and Official Logo
  • Hire the services of a consultancy that has a Transparent Payment procedure with no hidden cost

The consultancies or individuals without these provisions mentioned above are running an illegal business with no guarantee of success. Hiring their services may lead to a permanent ban or refusal.

What are the benefits of hiring an immigration consultancy with a Licensed Agent?

  • The Licensed agent knows the thick and thin of Canada’s Immigration laws with no room for errors.
  • They provide multiple options for migration by understanding the full scope of circumstances.
  • They are experienced and well-versed in reducing the processing time with zero hidden cost
  • RCIC Agents help in the liaison with the immigration authorities and represent the applicant at every processing stage
  • There is no possibility of scam or fraudulent practices with the RCIC Agent

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