Nova Scotia envisions growth with exceeding Immigration Approvals

Nova Scotia envisions growth with exceeding Immigration Approvals

An eastern Canadian province, Nova Scotia, has directed itself towards population growth and economic recovery by approving the record-breaking number of applications for the migrants in 2020. The region has exceeded its Canada Immigration targets to bring about population and economic growth. It is a well-known fact that Canada needs immigrants to address its issue of the aging population, and with incoming youth, the country will also progress economically.

Primarily focused upon the critical sectors such as healthcare and transportation, the province has approved 3,517 applications. It is 225 more applications than the allocated number of 3,292 applications. As the travel restrictions will ease and the federal government will complete their immigration process, these applicants will begin arriving in Nova Scotia and their families.

Even during the pandemic, Nova Scotia’s province continued to process the Canada PR Visa applications, especially those catering to the crucial sectors. The Immigration Minister of the region said that migrants are essential for the province’s recovery after being severely affected by the lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19.

The province looks forward to retaining the international students who have graduated from Nova Scotia. Therefore, more than a thousand international students received approval this year to stay in the province. Further, many healthcare professionals arrived this year in March, and by October 31st, the region had welcomed 3,010 permanent residents in the year 2020.

Nova Scotia runs a dedicated and streamlined immigration process for the welfare of the migrants and the province. There are settlement services providers to ensure that the newcomers adjust to Nova Scotia’s life comfortably with constant support.

It is not just the province of Nova Scotia, but the entire Canada Immigration system is committed to providing the essential support and services to all its migrants. With increased immigration targets, it is a golden opportunity for genuine migrants to settle in Canada.

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