Do Not Worry about Australia Visa Processing Time!

Australia visa processing time

Once you’re through with your responsibilities of submitting the essential documents required to move to Australia and have lodged your application, the next obvious question that strikes your mind is related to the Australia visa processing time.

we’ve all the answers to cure your restlessness! The list below details the indicative processing time for the visas meant for Visiting, Working, Touring, Business, and Medical Treatment objects.

Australia Visitor Visa

Visitor Subclass 600 – For tourists who have lodged the application in Australia, it takes 1 working day to 1 week for their visa to process.  And if you’ve lodged it outside the nation, it can take up to 1 working day to 1 month.

  • Business Visitors can apply outside Australia and it can take 1 working day to at least a month for their application to process.
  • Sponsored Family Visitors will have to wait around 1.5 months for their visa and Frequent Traveler Stream wait up to 1 month.

Medical Treatment (Subclass 602)- For people who wish to seek medical treatment in Australia and have applied for the Subclass 602 visa will have to wait somewhere between 1 week to 1 month, in order to get their visa processed. And those who have applied outside the country are required to wait for 1 week to 1.5 months.

eVisitor(Subclass 651)-  This visa can take 1 working day to 1 month to get processed.

Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday (Subclass 417): The first visa application takes 6 days to get processed while the second application takes around 21 days.

Work and Holiday (Subclass 462): Web application for the US nationals takes around six days. If you’re not from the US, you’re required to submit a paper application that takes around 14 days to process.

We hope this clears all the doubts you had regarding the Australia visa processing time. It is always better to hire an immigration consultant before submitting your application to smoothen the process of immigration. Have fun exploring Australia!

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