Investment and Permanent Residency in Canada-Are You Motivated Enough?

Permanent Residency in Canada

Are you interested in making a profitable investment in Canada and getting Permanent Residency in Canada? If YES, you need to check this exhaustive article!

The Maple Leaf Country is one of the world’s richest industrialized nations, with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of about 1432,140 Billion. As a result of job market making recovery along with the increase in price of oil and Canadian Dollars, it is expected to have the world’s 10th largest economy in 2017. The country has now also been paying attention to the fact that the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will not only further strengthen their economy but the increased competition and trade from foreign firms will reduce prices and improve the purchasing powers of the nationals.

If you’re an investor and wish to benefit from the Canadian economy then now is the right time to dive in! However, to proceed with your plan, you must also be need to aware of how the Canadian Investment Immigration Programme works, to see your plans come to fruition! Depending on the amount of funds you’re willing to invest in the hotspot you can choose from many investments programs available to you.

  1. Quebec Business Immigration Programme: If you’re interested in establishing or acquiring a business in Quebec, you can apply for this scheme. Applicants are required to go through and pass the health and security examinations. This plan is further divided into three categories:

Self-employed Worker Programme: This category provides the opportunity to the qualified individuals to obtain a Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) if they can establish themselves in the region, by practicing a trade or profession for their own account. The applicants are needed to legally acquire a minimum of 100,000 Canadian Dollars in net worth alone, or with the help of spouse or common-law partner, and at least 2 years of experience in the profession or trade they are willing to practice.

Quebec Business Entrepreneur Immigration: This category grants the business owners and managers the opportunity to obtain a PR visa for holding an agricultural, commercial or industrial business in the province. The applicants are required to have legal net assets of minimum 300,000 Canadian Dollars along with minimum 2 years of experience in running a legal business, in the last 5 years from their date of submitting the application. It’s also essential that one actively participates in the management of the business.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme: This scheme allows the investors to obtain Canadian PR by investing 800,000 Canadian Dollars through an approved financial intermediary or by financing that investment. The other requirements are that you must legally obtain assets of minimum 1,600,000 Canadian Dollars (alone or accompanying Spouse), and have at least 2 years of experience in management of legal farming, industrial business or in a legal professional business.

  1. The Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Programme: This scheme targets the immigrant entrepreneurs with skills and potential to build innovative business and grow their company in the hotspot. Before proceeding, it is essential to secure a commitment from a designated Canadian angel investor group (investment should be at least 75,000 Canadian Dollars) business incubator organizations, and or venture capital fund (investment must be at least 200,000 Canadian Dollars) to invest in your business idea. You’re also bound to meet minimum language requirements in English or French, pass security and medical clearances, and have completed at least one year of post-secondary education, during which the applicant was in good standing at their educational institution.
  1. Provincial Nominee Programmes, Quebec and Federal: This programme allows the individuals to be nominated by a province based on business and investments activity in that territory. After having the nomination, you can apply for PR granted by the Canadian government. The eligibility and application process is different for each province. 
  1. Federal Self-employed Immigration Programme: This scheme is designed to attract those who intend to become self-employed in the nation. To qualify, you must have relevant agricultural, artistic, or athletic experience that will allow you to successfully self-employed in the country. Relevant experience is defined as two years experience of participation in cultural activities, art, recreation or athletics at a world-class level, and at least 2 years of farm management experience.

Due to Canada’s consistent growth across a variety of markets with an average real GDP growth rate of 1.2%, the country is attracting major investors from across the world. If you’re planning to join the bandwagon, hire an immigration consultant to smoothen your Canada immigration process.

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