Numerous Benefits Greet US Green Card Holders

Majority of the migrants moving to the US of keen to migrate to the country, want to get the US Green Card, to enjoy the many benefits that greet the Green Card holders.US VISA

What are those benefits that inspire many to become a Green Card holder? Let’s figure those and also learn how life becomes a lot simpler post you receive the US Green Card!

What Major Benefits Greets You When You Have a US Green Card?

The US Green Card puts you on the path of the US citizenship. But this is just one important benefit of pocketing the prized Card. You get to enjoy several more benefits, thanks to the Green Card.

For instance, if you manage to get the US Green Card, you become entitled to live in any of the US states permanently, without any restrictions whatsoever.

You also get the right to travel in and out of the country any number of times you desire. You do not need to get a visa every time.

You also get the golden opportunity to live your entire life in the US with the only requirement being you have to renew your card every 10 years.

Thanks to Green Card, you need not have the US employer sponsorship for the job. Significantly, thanks to your card, you become entitled to work in the sector which in some cases could be restricted even to the natives. There are also no curbs on the weekly working hours.

You also become entitled to gain from the government-sponsored education. You may even seek and demand financial assistance for duly completing your education.

You do not have to pay the high tuition fees, vis-à-vis other immigrants. As the proud holder of the Green Card, you have to pay less school and college fees, and in the process, you save a lot of your hard-earned money overseas, but still get a first-rate education in some of the finest educational establishments of the world.

You become entitled to launch your own business and run it without any restrictions whatsoever. This is not possible for other migrants.

As a Green Card holder, if you have worked 40 quarters in 10 years, then you become qualified to get useful Social Security benefits after you retire.

You also need not worry about any visa and immigration changes. Many migrants on other US visas are now living in a state of fear wondering what would be the next move from the volatile Donald Trump. You need not nurse any such worries, thanks to your Green Card.

You can sponsor your family members, such as spouse and kids, to join you in the US and live there in permanently.

You also become entitled to avail highly useful bank loans. The US banks charge special interest rates from the Green Card holders, in the case of home loans and personal loans.

You get useful legal rights also. As a Green Card holder, you can take part in political drives though you cannot vote. However, barring the voting rights, you get nearly every legal right, like any local person.

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