Now Overseas Students Will Not Have To Prove English Abilities in UK

It’s raining good news from the UK or so it seems. You will be delighted to know that since Sajid Javid became the British Home Secretary, the British Government is becoming pro-migrant day by day, and relaxing and lifting sanctions on the entry of the migrants of various categories.

Yes, it is true! Check out this report!

As per a new plan from Javid, now it will not be mandatory for the students from some specific nations to illustrate their language skills in the UK. The requirement is that they must be from those countries the UK Home Office regards to be “low risk”, meaning, as per the Home Office, the individuals from such nations do not much exploit the British system.

The declaration of the amendments made to alleged Tier 4 Visa comes days after Javid, reportedly, proclaimed some improvements to the “Tier 2” Visas, permitting entry to 1000s of more trained and professional migrants.

A few days back, he also reportedly launched a new kind of visa called the “start-up” visa path, to enable the admission of more overseas graduates and individuals eager to Start-up firms/ventures.

The reorganizations, after these come into force, will, allegedly, be the first big relaxation of the immigration laws in eight years.

They signal a major departure in the stand of the UK Home Office since the time of Theresa May & Amber Rudd, who either made laws tighter or continued tougher laws when they headed the department.

Though some detractors, reportedly, claim that the changes risk making it simpler for migrants to present themselves as students to gain entry into the nation unlawfully, as per the Home Office, there is not much of a proof of it.

Specifically, the Home Office will incorporate 11 countries to its “trusted” list for Student Visas, comprising China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Serbia, and Kuwait, among others.

The list will balloon by over 33%, to 30, even as the students from these nations will revel in a restructured application procedure whereby they will have to offer not many certificates/papers at the time of submitting an application for visas.

For instance, it will not be mandatory for them to illustrate that they fulfill the requirements for living expenses of up to 1,265 British Pounds per month, furnish proof of preceding qualifications, or their capability to speak English rather confidently.

The figure of the students impacted is expected to hit six figures, as, during the preceding year up to the month of March, a huge 100,769 students from the 11 countries were reportedly offered the rights to pursue studies in the UK.

Commenting on the development, a well-known think-tank has, reportedly, cautioned of a “slippery slope”, observing that the last time the Student Visa structure was made easier in 2009, fake students, particularly from India, flooded the country and it took the nation several years to recover from the same.

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