UK To Remove Immigration Upper Limit on Doctors, Nurses

Here are a few more positive news reports for those interested to offer their professional services in the UK, especially those who are qualified doctors or nurses!

As per a report, buckling under the sustained pressure, and in a fairly positive development, with far-reaching consequences, the British Government has finally decided to lift the cap put on the entry of the skilled doctors and nurses to the UK.

Yes, 1000s more overseas medical professionals will, reportedly, be allowed to do a job in the NHS, post the in-office UK Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, proclaimed that the administration would make the somewhat difficult and tough-to-follow visa immigration regulations, originally enacted by the in-office Theresa May, easier!

As per some available reports, qualified medical practitioners and nurses would not be included in the upper limit put on the Skilled Worker Visas, denotes there will be no checks or curbs whatsoever on those who may be drafted, via the alleged Uk Tier 2 Visa path.

Petitions submitted through the Tier 2 path–which has had a yearly limit of 20,700 since 2011–have during the past couple of months, surpassed the distribution of the visas.

The amendment will also free up a large number of added places a month for other extremely skilled employees, like, for example, IT experts, teachers, and engineers.

Sharing his thoughts on the development and justifying the latest development and his role in it, Javid, reportedly, proclaimed that he fully understands the problems suffered by the NHS and other sectors over the past couple of months.

He added that doctors and nurses play a key part in society and at this time more such professionals are required in the UK. He went on to add that it’s about figuring a solution to the augmented demand and to back the nation’s indispensable national services.

The Tier 2 limit is part of the administration’s approach to checking and managing net migration, which, as it is too well known, it aims to cut down to the 10s of 1000s even though that goal has, reportedly, steadily been missed since the same was decided way back during 2010.

Prior to December 2017, the cap–which was reportedly started on the guidance of the UK Migration Advisory Committee–had only been touched on 1 event. But, the same has been hit every month since December.

Reportedly, the relaxation of the immigration regulations comes in the wake of a vocal drive by the NHS organizations and medical bodies. They had claimed that doctors and nurses should be removed from the cap on the trained manpower with a view to managing the worsening manpower emergency in the NHS.

The UK is presently facing a hug shortage of skilled medical professionals and nurses. New official numbers reveal that the NHS in England alone has 9,982 job openings for doctors which are vacant even as out of those denied the Tier 2 Visas, during a previous couple of months, were GPs, psychiatrists and cancer specialists. For these professionals, there is a high figure of openings.

Significantly and quite interestingly, the PMO in the UK has maintained that the administration would still stick to the net migration mark. In this regard, the premier’s spokesperson reportedly stated that net migration is heading south and the government is focused on to bringing the same down to the maintainable levels.

It seems that the British Government does not want to make a U-turn on its public stand to avoid embarrassment and to show it still means business.

Meanwhile, welcoming the decision to remove the cap on doctors and nurses, a concerned person from the British Medical Association council has, reportedly, stated that it will be a HUGE relief to the patients and workers through the NHS that common sense has lastly triumphed, and the Tier 2 Visa curbs on the non-EU doctors and nurses would be done away with.

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