Things to Do After Obtaining PR Status in Quebec!

A person changing his/her status from temporary resident to permanent resident in Quebec has to undergo certain procedures. Changes of the Social Insurance Number; Health Insurance Card; and Driver’s License are a few important procedures one has to perform once he/she is a permanent resident of the Canadian province.

If you have obtained Social Insurance Number when you were working temporarily in Quebec or staying there as a student, your SIN will undergo change once you are granted permanent residence in the province. A temporary Social Insurance number starts with numerical ‘9’. In Canada, the Employment Insurance Act requires you to apply for SIN. This SIN card is supposed to be provided to your employer for salary deductions purposes.

While you may possess one Health Insurance Card as a temporary worker or an international student, with the grant of permanent resident status to you, you have to lodge a new application to obtain a new card. For A Health Insurance Card, you have to apply to Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ).

During you stay in Quebec as a temporary worker or a foreign student, you may have been authorized to drive motor vehicles in the Canadian province with your foreign driver’s license. But, after becoming a permanent resident of the province, you are required to obtain a Quebec driver’s license in order to drive motor vehicles. However, you can use your foreign driver’s license for a maximum period of ninety days from the date of obtaining PR status.

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