Want to Work in Quebec in Temporarily?

Even if you do not work permanently in Quebec, a temporary employment in the province would be counted for rest of your life! No matter whether you are working temporarily or permanently in the Canadian province, you can always gather that unmatched experience from working there. Considering the fact that Quebec job market is quite demanding, you must have the specific skills that Quebec employers are looking for in order to fill vacancies.

When Quebec employers find it difficult to fill the vacancies with local Canadian workers, they offer those positions to foreign workers. Employers often offer temporary employment to international workers to meet the current skills shortage. If you are selected by an employer to be employed in a position temporarily in Quebec, you are required to obtain the authorizations to work and live temporarily in the Canadian province.

However, when you are offered a temporary employment by a Quebec employer, most of the formalities required to perform to obtain work authorizations for you have to be carried out by the employer. There are certain areas where you as a prospective temporary worker have to fulfill some requirements.

Below are the requirements that Quebec expects a potential temporary worker to meet before he/she obtains the authorizations to work in the province:

  1. A potential temporary worker must have an employment offer from a Quebec employer.
  2. The offered employment offer has to be approved by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, as well as the MICC.
  3. The potential temporary worker must intend to hold the position offered for the exact duration mentioned in the contract.
  4. The prospective worker must possess all the necessary skills required for the position.
  5. The potential worker must possess the license to practice the profession from concerned Quebec regulatory body, if need be.

Interested potential temporary workers can send their updated resume to [email protected] for free-of-charge assessment for Canadian immigration.

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