The Occupation of ICT Business Analyst in Australia!

Australia, the land of Kangaroos is also known as the land of endless opportunities. Every year, a huge number of people migrate to this country for better employment opportunity. Recently, the government of this beautiful land has announced its latest list of skilled occupations where 13 new occupations are introduced.

Among all the skilled occupations, ICT Business Analyst is one of the very popular occupations in Australia. Identifying and communicating with users to produce requirements specification for building system and software solutions, are some of the very job responsibilities of this occupation.

The occupation of ICT Business Analyst requires a skill commensurate with a graduate degree or higher degrees. To apply as an ICT Business Analyst in Australia, you have to complete your university degree, like: a bachelor degree in business.

Though the basic information regarding the skill level of each occupation is constant with ANZSCO (the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations), but on the basis of the requirements determined by the assessing authorities it may differ from each other. You can contact the relevant skills assessment authority to check on their requirements for your designated occupation. Australian Computer Society is the skills assessment authority for the occupation of ICT Business Analyst.

However, in case your qualifications are not matching to your nominated occupation, but yet you wish to claim points, then the relevant authority for skills assessment will not be able to advice the immigration department for your skills. The department of immigration will then take a decision on your points based on your qualifications.

The data provided by the Graduate Careers Australia shows that 73% of computer science Bachelor degree graduates were working for 4 months after the completion of their course. Among them, 50% were Information and Communication Technology professionals, while 13% were in the field of Business, Information, marketing and 7% were Technology and Telecommunications Technicians.

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