The Occupation of Secondary School Teacher in Australia!

Description of the Job:

The occupation of a secondary school teacher in Australia includes certain very significant job responsibilities, such as: teaching all the subjects prescribed within the curriculum of secondary school for students and contributing towards the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of the students as a whole.

Level of Skills Required:

The level of skills required for this profession is equal to a bachelor degree or higher qualification. However, 5 years of minimum experience in the relevant field of work may substitute the requirement for formal qualification. In some occupations, experience in the relevant field of work or training during the job may become very necessary in addition to the formal qualification.

According to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, the level of skill for each occupation remains constant with ANZSCO. However, on the basis of the requirements set by the skilled assessment authorities, it may differ from each other.

Authority for Skills Assessment:

Before migrating to Australia as skilled applicants, the candidates have to go for their skills assessment by the relevant assessment authority. The Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership is the relevant assessment authority for this occupation.

To qualify for your designated Australia skilled occupation, you can claim points on your qualifications or work experience for your nominated profession. By forwarding all your documents to the relevant authority for skills assessment, you can actually earn your points for your occupation.

In case, your qualifications for your nominated occupation are not according to your field of practice, and yet you want to claim points, in this situation, the assessment authority will not be able to provide any advice to the immigration department. The department will then make a decision on the number points that will be awarded to your qualifications.

Requirements for Licensing or Registration:

There are several skilled occupations in Australia, in order to practice those in some states, the job holder must be registered with or get a license from the local authority of that particular state. You can communicate with the local authority in your relevant state or territory to know about the requirements for licensing or registration.

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