What about the Occupation of Mechanical Engineer in Australia?

Australia is currently seeking overseas professionals to fulfill its skills shortages in various fields. Among all the sectors facing labour shortages, Engineering is at peak point. If you have the relevant qualifications and work experience, then you can easily apply for the occupation of Mechanical Engineer.

A professional Mechanical Engineer in Australia has to perform several significant duties and responsibilities, which include:

  • Assisting technical engineers and other engineering professionals in the process of mechanical plant and tools’ design
  • Ensuring the designs and finishing work are according to the regulations, specifications and contract requirements
  • Performing or directing  field and testing in laboratory
  • Collecting and analyzing data, bringing out the complex calculations and preparing diagrams
  • Making plans, drawings and designs for engineering work under the guidance of mechanical engineers and other engineering technologists
  • Calculating the costs of materials along with their quantities and machinery requirements
  • Selecting equipments and tools
  • Organizing and supervising the maintenance and inspection of plant and machinery

This particular occupation requires minimum graduate degree to qualify; however, higher education always gets more preference in this regard. Besides, relevant experience and training on the job may require along with formal education.

Before your migration to Australia as a skilled professional is approved, you will have to go for your skills assessment by the national relevant skills assessment authority. If you want to migrate as a Mechanical Engineer to Australia, then Engineers Australia will assess your skills in this regard. You can claim points on the basis of your qualifications and work experience in your designated occupation. You have to forward your all documents to the skills assessment authority for that.

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