Large Number of Canada Super Visa Applicants Get Approval

A recent report from a reliable source has revealed that the Immigration Minister of Canada, Jason Kenney provided approval to a large number of applications for Canada Super Visa for Parent and Grandparent ever since it’s introduced.

The said report has also mentioned that within the period of three months of its launch, over 1000 applications for Parent and Grandparent Super Visa were provided approval and thus, the overall rate of approval for Super Visa were 77 percent.

In this connection, Mr. Kenny was quoted as saying that he is happy for the reason that Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents is working as expected and thus, allowing a huge number of qualified parents and grandparents to spend time with their family members in this Maple Country.

In the context of obtaining this visa, the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) said that the process of attaining Super Visa is very simple and straightforward. The Super Visa applicants have to provide the proof that their host child or grandchild is capable of earning the minimum package required. Besides, the applicants also have to provide the evidence that they have bought comprehensive Canada health insurance and undergo the Immigration Health Examination. Almost all the applicants meeting these requirements met the other criteria for admissibility that are essential for all visa applicants of Canada.

The statistics also shows that 80% of the finalized applications for Super Visa were issued within the period of 41 days, which was before the schedule period of eight weeks. CIC is planning to maintain the processing time of Super Visa to within 8 weeks period, even as the applications ramp up.

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