A Fleeting Look at Danish Green Card

Nowadays most of the developed economies of the globe are leaving no stones unturned to cut down on the overall number of migrants turning up on their soils. However, and much surprisingly, the Scandinavian nation of Denmark is welcoming more and more migrants to further boost its already thriving economy. This beautiful nation with amazing landscapes wants to increase the number of migrants in the near future than what it could already be attracting.

Maybe, this is primary reason why, lately, there has been a significant reduction in the time required for the visa issue of the much sought after and much talked about Danish Green Card. Thanks mainly to this latest change introduced by the immigration department of the country, the appeal of the Danish Green Card has further headed north. While on previous occasions, the period required for pocketing the Danish Immigration Visa was a maximum of three years, now it has been brought down remarkably, to just one-and-a-half year.

In tune with the rules, the candidates staying and doing a job in the country under a Green Card Residence Scheme has the liberty to file an application for the expansion of the two-and-a-half years. Though it is mandatory to apply for the same previous to the first 18 months come to an end under the system of the Denmark Green Card. And, on the basis of the eligibility requirements, the aspirants could be handed over an extension equivalent to four years.

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