Occupational Trainee Visa- Trainee and Sponsor Obligations!

The Australian Occupational Trainee Visa scheme is designed to help overseas people take up a well-designed training program in Australia related to their work to enhance their skills in their occupations or area of studies. This training program involves two parties- an occupational trainee and an Australian nominating organization/sponsor to provide the training.

The Occupational Trainee Visa is issued to people from outside the land of Kangaroos to get their skills improved with the training provided by an Australian employer. Pertaining to this, both the parties need to stick to certain obligations. First of all, let’s have a look at the obligations on part of the trainee, that he/she has to meet when the person is granted an Occupational Trainee Visa:

  • During the trainee’s stay in Australia, he/she must abide by the terms and conditions attached to the Occupational Trainee Visa.
  • A trainee should not engage himself/herself in any other work, besides the training program.
  • A trainee must contact the concerned department, when he/she needs to change the nominator or leave the training program in the midway.
  • A trainee should maintain his/her health insurance for the period of stay in Australia.
  • A trainee must give full participation in the training program.
  • A trainee must notify the nominator when he/she wants discontinue the program or if he/she has certain concerns regarding the program.
  • A family member of the primary visa holder or a secondary sponsored applicant is not allowed to work for over twenty hours per week during their stay in Australia.
  • The secondary sponsored applicants must also ensure health insurance for the duration of their stay in Australia.

Similarly, an Australian nominating organization is required to meet a number of obligations at the time of sponsoring trainees for an occupational trainee program. Below are the obligations set for the Australian nominating organization or sponsor:

  • The organization must provide the trainees with a workplace-based structured training program that meets the requirements of the trainee in enhancing his/her existing skills (that he/she has gained in the current occupation; current expertise field, current overseas institutional studies and recently completed studies).
  • The organization must train its staff in order provide the trainees with fruitful training program.
  • The organization must inform the concerned department in case the trainee chooses to discontinue the training program before the due date of completion.
  • The organization must also notify if there is some change on their part regarding the training program.
  • The sponsor must declare that the trainee would be paid as per the relevant workplace relations laws.

After obligations, it’s time to have a look at the application process for the Occupational Trainee Visa. Here are the main steps to it:

  • Seeking sponsorship approval is the first thing that an Australian organization is required to do. For this, it needs to complete the sponsorship application and submit it along with the necessary documents.
  • Following the step, the organization must nominate the occupational training and the individual who they are keen to take into the training program.
  • The prospective trainee filing the visa application for the approved organization follows then.

To know more about the application process of the Occupational Trainee Visa, contact an Immigration and Visa consultant!

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