Australian College Closes!

Thousands of overseas students, involving many Indians, are left in the state of LIMBO! They are confused about their career aspects as a college owned by Kharak Singh Bajwa, an NRI closes in Australia.

Students enrolled in Austech Institute for Further Studies are facing dilemmas about their future prospects as the institution is going for voluntary liquidation. It is not the first time when a college has seen such fate, as similar incidents have happened in the past too.

The incidents have pointed certain questions towards the integrity of regulatory bodies. It has been reported that a majority of students enrolled in the college are from India and South Asian nations.

Students enrolled in vocational courses are in huge hustle, especially with the removal of MODL which further denied vital points to the concerned students.

The students of Austech Institute for Further Education confirmed that they were offered reduction in the tuition fee, provided they pay the fee in advance.

Amandeep Singh, 24, affirmed that he was given a concession of USD 400, whereas Vikas Kumar, confirmed that he has paid large amounts for the course fee, an amount which was gathered by his parents through loans and savings. It’s all finished now!

Other students said that they were a few days away from completing their graduation, and now they are in unsure condition whether they would be able to find similar institution which offers similar course.

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