Mumbai Attack Widow Faces Problems at Kennedy Airport

Her husband died at the 26/11 in Mumbai which happened last year. Now this widow is facing Immigration problems at Kennedy Airport.

Frumet Teitelbaum, the widow of Rabbi Leibish Teitelbaum, has been barred from meeting her 8 children in the U.S. who reside with her in-laws. She has been allegedly noted for misusing her Visit Visa which bars her from applying for a PR status in America. Authorities have also added that she must leave the nation otherwise she would face deportation!

Her attorney Michael Wildes commented that they are working to make sure that she remains in the New York. Wildes went on to say that it is really sad see that she has been treated in such a manner. Michael also added that he has faced similar situations when dealing with the widows of the Mumbai attacks.

Rabbi Leibish Teitelbaum, her husband used to reside in Jerusalem but had citizenship of Israel as well as U.S. He was in Mumbai when the catastrophe happened 26/11. His profession as a supervisor of kosher foods demanded him to hold a visit to Mumbai, which unfortunately served as his death trip.

The attorney also said that one can only hope that the Immigration officials would see a big picture and allow her to meet her children as soon as possible.

According to community leader Isaac Abraham, Frumet Teitelbaum has suffered a lot and now it time to give her some relief.

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