UK And France Embellish Border Security!

In another attempt to weed out Illegal Immigration from this world, the Joint Operation Coordination Centre (JOCC) has been officially opened in Calais, courtesy a joint venture by UK and France. The decision to come out with this center was conceptualized last July in Evian Summit to check the border security and enhance the relationships between both the countries.

Since its recent opening this February, the center has already arrested two illegal women planning to drag innocent girls into prostitution and a driver involved in other crime activities.

The collaboration has created one of the strongest borders, hence removing the chances of Illegal immigration throughout all the applications. Also, stats say that the last five years saw barring of more than sixty thousands applicants planning to enter the UK premises in an illegal manner.

According to Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, the step is one of the best examples of collaborate border control in the world. He said that they are only spreading the message that illegal immigration and organized crime would not be permitted at all. Therefore, collaboration has been done with France to further strengthen the border!

It has been said that officials from UK Border Agency, Police Aux Frontières (PAF), to name a few, would jointly work together as a part of this project.

The move has been seen as a major implementation in the steps towards dragging illegal immigration and crime from this Immigration domain.

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