Changes in the Federal Skilled Worker Category, Part of Action Plan for Faster Immigration

As per the announcements made by Jason Kenney, the Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, the Action Plan for Faster Immigration would involve more changes. According to the announcements made, consultants would be hired by the Canadian government who would decide on the occupations that should be a part or not of the Priority Occupation List.

The Priority Occupation List was brought out in 2008 to expedite the process of immigration for the skilled workers category. Also, those occupations which the skill demand was high could be catered to instantly.

The Federal Skilled Worker program permits those applicants whose professions are mentioned in the Priority Occupation List to come and work in Canada. They do not need to have a job offer in prior in their specific industry. However, in some cases having an arranged employment is mandatory to be eligible.

During the announcement, Kenney said that the Priority Occupation List has been a huge success. However, with the change in the economy and its demands, the skills required also change.

The program is intended to benefit both the Canadian economy as well as the immigrants coming to Canada. Thus, with opportunities come the ever changing needs of the economy.

So, all those intending to immigrate to Canada must apply now before they are deemed as being not eligible. This is because with the changing needs, it is possible for the specific occupation category under which they are applying might be removed.

Above all, the laws for immigration are subject to change constantly without the issue of any prior notice.

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