Your Degree Would Be Verified Online!

Reports say that Government is planning to implement a project that would assist the authentication of degrees in an online manner. In an attempt to pursue the same, a task force has been appointed to come out with a national database and further guarantee online verification of degrees. The step would further ensure that genuineness and accuracy is aptly provided in the system.

The task force will provide all the aspects of this project by this month’s end, which would further allow the government to take actions at the later stages. Reports say that any one of the mentioned: National Securities Depository Ltd or Central Depository Services (India) Ltd would be given the responsibility to further handle the database.

The step would definitely ensure weeding out fake resumes which influence the credibility in a major way. In addition, employers would be provided with authentic resumes, hence ensuring the genuineness of the employee too.

Stats say that almost 15% of resumes checked last year were decked with fake information, confirmed First Advantage Pvt. Ltd. Hence, the implementation of the step would surely ensure authenticity and stability throughout the process. The database would also store hard copies, for further maintaining the records.

The group has been appointed by HRD ministry and it will make sure that the degrees are verified in a quicker and inexpensive manner.

According to the chairman of the group Sanjay Dhande, the road map of the project has been crafted. Also, there should be a law to provide legal aspect to the database. He went on to say that only registered entries would be considered for employment.

The step would also assist plenty of genuine Immigration consultants acting in the arena, as it would allow them to work on authentic visa applications, hence minimizing the chances of deception and fraudulence to a major extend!!!

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