Ontario's Financial Sector: An Industry with Huge Potential for Newcomers

Ontario’s Financial Sector: An Industry with Huge Potential for Newcomers

Undoubtedly, Ontario’s financial services sector has proven its strength and potential over the years. With a proven track record of resilience, it comes as no surprise that Ontario’s financial sector is one of Canada’s most significant economic contributors. The province’s financial sector directly contributes approximately 20% of the jobs in the province of Ontario. It creates over 37,000 positions in the province, providing a promising future to newcomers seeking Canadian immigration through Ontario PNP.

Toronto is the second-largest financial sector in North America by direct employment and the financial services sector. It is also one of the largest contributors to Ontario’s GDP. For the past few years, Toronto has established itself as a leader in providing best-of-breed global financial services. It also secures a place in the world’s top ten global financial centers sector as per The Banker and the Global Financial Centre’s Index. The finance sector also generates $63 billion in GDP and employs about 365,000 people 12,000 financial services firms.

As the financial hub of Canada, Ontario is known for:

  • Canada’s four largest banks are situated in the province of Ontario
  • Providing promising job opportunities for professionals, such as accounting technicians & bookkeepers (1311), finance managers, investment analysts, bankers, etc.
  • The province headquarters- three of the top five largest Canadian insurers, eight largest Canadian asset managers, chartered financial analyst (CFA) society, and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX),
  • Ontario also features a highly educated and skilled financial services workforce of nearly 365,000 professionals, accounting for half of the employment generated by the finance sector in the province.

Ontario is also home to:

  • Nearly 9,000 chartered financial analysts (CFAs)
  • Around 88,000 chartered professional accountants (CPAs)
  • A favorite destination for financial professionals around the world
  • The most coveted banks, including the Bank of America, Bank of China, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs

Ontario offers enormous potential to skilled workers looking for jobs in Canada after immigration. Ontario’s stable economy can be a massive benefit for the people choosing to live, work, and study in this province. With the right combination of renowned financial companies, financial stability, and a sound banking system, Ontario is a perfect place for skilled financial workers seeking a bright future. For more information you can contact with our immigration experts at 8595338595 or [email protected]

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