Canada is replacing the charm of US Immigration for Indians

Canada is replacing the charm of US Immigration for Indians

Over the past two to three years, there has been a change in the immigration preference of Indians. Canada has surpassed the USA to become the first choice for Indians to migrate, and the only reason is not the stringent and outdated US immigration policies implemented by Trump Administration. Instead, Canada gives many more reasons a migrant should move further north to the USA to settle down with the family.

Talking about international students first, there has been a significant decline of 64% in admissions in the USA Universities in 2020. Though the primary reason is the COVID-19 restrictions, other factors have also contributed to this change. One of them was the removal of Optional Practical Training for the international students that was a pathway for them to work in the USA. On the other hand, Canada is taking the lead as the most preferred study destination for Indian students.

There is a massive backlog for Indians in the USA for permanent residency as far as Green Card is concerned. The allotment of quota for each country has discouraged Indian talent from moving to the USA. Here, Canada is operating a full-fledged immigration program where skilled migrants can become permanent residents within a year. They are offered Canada PR visa before they enter the country. There are separate programs for entrepreneurs and investors as well.

Besides, there is also a vast difference in the people’s sentiment towards foreigners in both countries. While Trump advocated for America’s First policy, Canada relies heavily upon immigrants to increase its immigration targets to unbelievable levels. It is looking forward to inviting more than 400,000 migrants each year for the next three years and is also interested in retaining international talent that comes to the country as international students.

Canada offers exciting job opportunities, world-class education, top-notch healthcare facilities, safety and security, a healthy environment, and everything humans need for an ideal lifestyle. Also, the process to migrate to Canada is simplified and organized as compared to the US Immigration formalities and uncertainty. There is certainty and affordability, especially for international students.

Post-pandemic, one more reason added to Canada’s favor is how the country has handled the crisis. It has supported small businesses, international students, the jobless, and all communities in need through financial help and otherwise. People are now considering countries that have managed to deal with the COVID-19 crisis effectively. Therefore, there has been a rise in the number of interested Indians looking forward to Canada as their future home.

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