Time Opportune for Canada Immigration Motivated 0121 Insurance, Real Estate and Financial Brokerage Managers

‘The Land of Opportunities’, Canada is a North American country. The country ranks high in education, government accountability, high standard of living, economic growth and equal rights. Canada is a hot destination among immigrants as it provides high standard of living and economic and personal development.

At the present, there is a great scope for skilled and ambitious professionals in the country. Experts like Insurance, Real Estate and Financial Brokerage Managers are officially wanted. Against this backdrop the candidates who want to immigrate to Canada using their skills would do well to move to the nation via the Code 0121 of the Canada Federal Skill Worker Program 2014.

The main aim of the program is to attract skilled professionals who can settle in Canada and contribute towards the country’s economic and social growth. Before immigrating each applicant is assessed using a selection grid. A total of 100 points are up for grabs. To meet the requirements, it is mandatory to score 67 points. The applicant is assessed on the basis of language, age, education, experience, adaptability and arranged job.
Job Profile

These professionals are responsible to develop, direct, monitor, organize, plan, supervise, and analyze the activities of various departments that deliver services in various sectors, such as insurance, finance, real estate and investment. Mainly, they are accountable for business development even as they ensure that their team achieves target related to established objectives. Generally, these specialists are on the pay-rolls of insurance companies, real estate firms, stockbrokers, investment dealers, mortgage brokers, and security and commodity exchanges.

Example Titles

  • bond sales manager
  • brokerage manager – investments
  • commodities trading manager
  • financial brokerage manager
  • insurance claims service manager
  • insurance manager
  • investment manager – financial brokerage
  • mortgage broker manager
  • real estate service manager
  • securities sales director
  • trading floor manager

Key Responsibilities

  • Insurance managers develop, execute, organize, monitor, supervise, and analyze the working procedures of various departments that provide automobile, fire, life, property or other types of insurance services.
  • Real Estate Service Managers design, develop, execute, monitor, supervise and analyze the working procedure of departments that buy, sell and lease the residential, and commercial property for clients.
  • Financial Broker Managers plan, develop, monitor, systematize, supervise, control, and evaluate the operations of department that find lenders or lending institutions on the behalf of clients seeking financial support.
  • Recruit new Financial Advisors and train them accordingly.
  • Set financial  goals and monitor their growth
  • Securities Managers plan, carry-out, systematize, direct, build up, control, and appraise the operation of a department that purcahses and disposes-off stocks, bonds and additional kinds of investments on the behalf of individual or institutional clients; administer the investments of their own customers.

Education Qualifications

These professionals are required a university degree or a diploma in Business Administration (BA), Economics or any other related field from a recognized university or college, along with multiple years of work experience. They are also required to obtain a license from the appropriate authority for the services sold, such as real estate, mortgage, securities, or insurance, may be required.

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