More Opportunities for Business Immigrants to Australia

According to a recent report, the Australian Immigration Minister, Mr. Chris Bowen has revealed that referring to excess ‘red tape’ the Government of Australia will make the permanent employer-sponsored visa scheme much simpler to help the skilled migrants and the employers.

In this connection, Mr. Bowen was quoted as saying that the Government of this nation will make a new fast-tracked way from the temporary skilled (sub-class 457) visas to permanent resident visa under the employer-sponsored visa scheme that allows skilled immigrants to work and live in Australia.

He further added that these amendments will help in easy navigation of the permanent employer-sponsored visa scheme for prospective immigrants and businesses, while guaranteeing the integrity of its visa system.

Mr. Bowen has also expressed that skilled immigrants can contribute to the economic growth of the nation and counterbalance the impacts of the ageing population to improve their way to permanent residence of Australia.

Besides, the said report has revealed that the present 6 permanent employer-sponsored visas will be replaced with 2 new Australia visas by the Australian Government and combine the existing 3 lists of sponsored occupation, such as: the lists of employer nomination, subclass 457 and state and territory sponsored general skilled migration, into one single list.

These amendments to the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme and the Employer Nomination Scheme will come into effect from July 1, 2012.

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