Western Provinces of Canada Seeking More Power

Pursuant to a latest report, an urgent need for skilled personnels in the Western provinces of Canada has resulted in the recommendation for some essential amendments in the immigration policy by some of the leaders of these provinces.

The said report has also revealed that the western provinces of this Maple Country in a large scale are amidst a job boom, which is getting affected by shortages of skilled workers in these regions to fill in these new vacancies in these provinces.

In this connection the leaders of these provinces were quoted as saying that the conventional immigration venues are not sufficient and unable to fulfill the individual demands of every province. Because of this, prospective skilled workers remain outside the country.

They further went on to express that the Provincial Nominee Programs of every county are not liberal enough when it comes to the number of immigrants being allowed and the capacity of regional authority. A special task force is appointed to find out the options for increasing their PNP authority in British Columbia.

They keep on adding that eventually it would be great to have that Quebec is having. However, if they fail in that, they would go for meetings with the federal government and will ask the government to provide more authority in the process of immigration, regarding the growth they are expecting.

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