Ottawa Accelerates Spousal Sponsorship Petitions, Re-unity with Spouses Quicker Now

In what could be termed as yet another positive move by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), now with the fast-tracked processing of the petitions submitted for spousal sponsorship, the spouse’s reunification has been reportedly made quicker. The happy reunification is presently real and generating happy times for the families to reside and do a job together in the Maple Leaf Country.

The happy times are visible in the Canadian families with Ottawa clearing the buildup of nearly four-fifth of the petitions submitted for spousal sponsorship. Those with either Canadian citizenship or Permanent Residency may happily reunite with the spouses, post many years of separation cooling their heels for the processing of their petitions.

According to the commitment of cutting-down the processing time of the spousal sponsorship petitions by the IRCC to 12 months, the reunification with partners is presently proving to be a truth in the nation.

Immigration Canada
Immigration Canada

Immigration Canada has, reportedly, made significant changes to advance the process of the petitions presented for spousal sponsorship.

As mentioned earlier, as on December 2016, the administration has successfully cleared approximately 80% of the applications presented for spousal sponsorship even while the couples have obtained a positive verdict in reuniting with their partners.

As per the available data on the issue–as on December 31, 2017–the build-up of sponsorship petitions, submitted for reunification with their partners, has decreased to 15,000 from 75,000 as on December 7, 2016. The same is a BIG feat for the administration in bringing the families together in the nation.

The IRCC has, allegedly, been playing a vigorous part in answering the questions of the stakeholders and customers and making application process better, in the wake of the launching of the spousal sponsorship applications package in December 2016. The candidates and sponsors now have the option of sailing across and checking the advancement of their petitions without any difficulties.

Immigration Canada introduced more improvements to the advancement of the spousal sponsorship petitions in the mid-2017.

Presently, the candidates and sponsors are, reportedly, receiving updates from Immigration Canada to submit the missing details or certificates, so that the procedure for application may be further improved and the reunification can be remarkably brought down to less than 1 year.

The IRCC is updating the candidates and sponsors about the standing of the application, comprising file number or for any other particulars, via either a letter or an e-mail.

Who have the eligibility to sponsor spouses/partners for reunification?

Authorized spouses, common law partners, or conjugal partners have the permission for the spousal sponsorship petitions. But, in case a person is in matrimonial relationship with over 1 partner, he does not have the permission to proffer sponsorship to a partner or other half for the Permanent Resident petition.

It is mandatory that a person has either citizenship or permanent residency of the nation to provide sponsorship to a spouse, to stay together and make a contribution to the national economy.

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